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How do I get in touch?

The best way to get in touch is to email me on: I always aim to get back in touch within 2 days. If appropriate, we can arrange a time for an online consultation or telephone call.

What hours do you work?

I carry out independent practice on a part-time basis which means that the hours and days that I work vary. I can only take on a limited number of projects at any one time but aim to be flexible. I can also offer some consultation out with normal office hours.

Where are you located?

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am able to travel to a range of locations across Scotland and can travel throughout the UK for speaking events.

How do I know the prices for the services?

The price of the services offered is dependent upon what that you require (e.g. consultation, training, resources) and the length of time that this will take (e.g. a one-off online consultation, or the development of resources for staff). This is agreed following discussion, so that I have a good understanding of your specific needs, or those of your organisation.

Which services are right for me?

The services I offer help you to understand and support the progress, mental health and behaviours of children and young people and adults who are neurodiverse and with learning disabilities. I provide consultation, training, and the creation of programmes and resources for staff working in education, the charity sector and social care organisations.

Do you work directly with children and families?

Yes. I have a significant amount of experience working directly with children and families- providing consultation, assessment and intervention. I am only able to work with a very small number of families at any time.

Do you carry out any training or consultation online?

Yes. I offer training and consultation online and have a lot of experience of speaking at online conferences and events – often based on my research and writing in the area of learning difficulties and disabilities.

Can you deliver talks at speaking events?

Yes. I am very happy to provide talks or inputs at events related to learning disabilities and disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health. I provide specific inputs related to the contents of my book.

Can I use the resources on your website?

Yes - of course. These are free and aim to provide parents, educators and other professionals with practical tools to support the progress and mental health of children, young people and adults who have learning difficulties and are neurodiverse. Some of these complement the tools provided in my book - available here. I hope to continue to add other resources and training packages that will be available for purchase.